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ISSN 1923 8177                                                         October 19, 2014

In This Issue

·         From the Editor

·         Our Advertisers

·         2015 Year Of Sport

·         West Niagara Agriculture

·         UCEA News

·         OEF News

·         Dressage Niagara

·         Anne Gage Column

·         Bertie Willoughby SC

·         Second Start TBs

·         Coming Events


From the Editor

Year End Finals


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I know I did. 


Now is the time when we transition from year end finals to year end banquets. The Ontario Barrel Racing Association Finals are happening right now as well as the Ram Rodeo Championships. Many other end of season competitions and fairs are happening as well. 


Dressage Niagara will be holding their AGM and Awards Banquet on October 26th.

The Harper Government had declared 2015 The Year Of Sport. With the Pan-Am Games coming to Ontario next summer we will have a lot to celebrate.


The West Niagara Agricultural Society still needs your vote in order to achieve a semi-finalist position in the Aviva Community Fund campaign. Their goal is building a new facility in Grassie on the corner of Mud and Mountain Roads. Read our story at right.


Anne Gage's column this issue is Evading the Bit: Why a Stronger Bit Isn't The Answer.


The Ontario Equestrian Federation will be at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Read the story below.


The Upper Canada Equestrian Federation has put out a call for new members. Read more below!


If you have any stories you would like in the next issue of ENN or know someone deserving of a feature story please let us know. Send us your 2014 and 2015 event dates as well!


Our next deadline is October 31st. Please send us any articles or story ideas you have and any information you have for the calendar of events. 

The ENN email address is


Barry Finn

 ENN Editor


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P.O. Box 10072, 

Ancaster, ON L9K 1P2



Equine Niagara News        
Barry Finn, Editor


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The Rider/Equine Niagara News. All rights reserved. No portion of this newsletter can be reproduced without our prior written permission, however please feel free to forward it to your equine friends. While we do try to stay on top of events and their changes, please check with the organization or their website to verify information. ENN is not always notified of changes.   



































































































































































2015 Pronounced The Year of Sport

Ottawa, Ont., October 17, 2014 -- On October 16, the Harper Government proclaimed 2015 as the Year of Sport in Canada. This is an historic and wonderful announcement that underscores and celebrates the key role that sport plays in Canada. 

    "Equine Canada joins the Canadian sport community in applauding yesterday's announcement proclaiming 2015 the Year of Sport in Canada, " stated Eva Havaris, CEO Equine Canada. "2015 is a pivotal year for our elite equestrian athletes as they prepare to represent Canada at the Pan American Games on home soil in Toronto, which also serves as a qualifier for the 2016 Olympics. This event provides Canadians with a unique opportunity to celebrate sport and to support their equestrian athletes as they reach for the podium." 

     The Year of Sport is a proactive pan-Canadian initiative implemented to celebrate sport in Canada and the role it plays in enhancing the lives of Canadians from coast to coast to coast. During the year, sport events and other celebratory activities will highlight how sport benefits Canadians. Please pass the word along and use this occasion to profile and promote sport.






West Niagara Agriculture Society needs your help to VOTE!

     As you know the West Niagara Agricultural Society (WNAS) is building a new facility in Grassie on the corner of Mud and Mountain Roads. One of the main features of the facility will be two horse show rings, complete with proper fencing and penning for the horse shows offered during the West Niagara Fair in September each year, but also for the use of other equestrian and livestock shows requiring a safe and secure place to show.

West Niagara Agricultural Society had pretty tough competition for their AVIVA Community Fund project. Although they didn't make it to round two, they encourage you to continue voting as of tomorrow. There are still 120 semi-finalist positions to be granted if there are enough votes. So as of tomorrow, please vote again every day from October 20th - November 3rd. Help West Niagara get those horse rings funded!


Here is the link: https://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf19431

Step 1.  Register to vote - it will take less than 3 minutes.

Step 2. Verify your account

Step 3. Login and VOTE

Step 4. Share on facebook

Step 5. Go back and vote again the next day.

     The funding that the West Niagara Agricultural Society could receive from this competition will help build exceptional show rings at the new grounds. 

Visit their website for details on the new facility.




Upper Canada Equestrian Association News


Upper Canada Logo 2014 Rides

October 19th - Colour ride in Shorthills 11am. 

November 9th - French Fry ride - we will play it by ear based on weather 


UCEA Meeting - November 12th 

NEW LOCATION - Niagara Region Headquarters - St. Davids Road, Thorold 7:30 pm


Upper Canada Equestrian Association - Call for New Members

The Upper Canada Equestrian Association (UCEA) is a not-for-profit equestrian association is looking for new members and potential nominees for their board of directors for the next two years.

     First and foremost, the UCEA is seeking new members. There is a need to make the voice of the horse owner heard in Niagara as well as to help implement the quality of the horse trails in the region. The mandate of the organization is: 

1) To establish safe horseback-riding trails throughout the Niagara Peninsula. 

2) To develop, expand, improve and preserve existing public trails. 

3) To promote the proper and responsible use of public trails. 

4) To give trail riders a safe place to ride in harmony with other users. 

5) To call the attention of local, regional and provincial governments to the need for the preservation, improvement and expansion of public trails. 

6) To do all such acts that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects with the philosophy that public recreational trails should be multi-purpose with equestrian privileges. With the pressure of population expansion, there is an increasing need for inexpensive recreational outlets in the peninsula, therefore, it is important to preserve public lands which can provide trails for future generations while the land is still publicly owned. 

     If you are a horse owner, this organization is for you regardless of discipline. The organization currently has approximately 50 members, once over 200 strong, they would like to get back to the strength they once had.

     There are a number of projects that need people to spearhead:

1.  The Nicky Aitken Annual Trail Ride for Breast Cancer - scheduled to take place this month after being rained out in June.

2. The Short Hills Provincial Park needs bridges rebuilt and trails maintained after the severe rains of this year.

3. The Upper Canada Heritage Trail (which the UCEA maintains) is in need of serious repairs to sections of the trail washed away in rains last year.

4. Help in educating the public on horse safety, bringing all disciplines together for one cause and promoting equestrian shows, rides,  and ownership of a horse.

5. Organization of parades throughout the year

     Membership is just $20.00/year. A valid OEF membership (or as of January 1st, a valid Ontario Trail Riders Association membership) is required for riding members to ensure proper liability insurance coverage.

     The UCEA holds meetings on the second Wednesday of each month with the exception of August.  The next meeting is October 8th at 7:30 pm. The meeting takes place at the Niagara Regional Exhibition Fairgrounds in Building B.

If you would like to attend, please contact Mark Dobrindt 905-892-9769 for details.

      Please consider joining this organization. Together,  a strong equestrian voice can be heard in Niagara. www.uppercanadaequestrian.com


The annual general meeting will be held in December. UCEA is now taking nominations for the Board of Directors to be elected in December. 

The Upper Canada Equestrian Association is always seeking new members to help keep our equestrian community strong and their voice heard. Visit www.uppercanadaequestrian.com for membership details. All are welcome. 


You can also post on the UCEA Facebook wall



Take advantage of 

OEF member benefits at the Royal 

The Ontario Equestrian Federation will be back at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair again this year, with even more products, services and exclusive offers for members. 

     Save the date for the OEF Member Appreciation Party, which takes place from 5-6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 11 in the Royal Ballroom. The OEF is having a pizza party that evening as a way of saying thank you to loyal members. The OEF Awards will also be presented at the party. Please note that attire is casual. Members will be sent an e-mail to RSVP for this event. 

     Back by popular demand to the even bigger and better OEF booth will be the Fan Zone where horse lovers can meet their favourite riders. Watch the OEF website, Facebook page and Twitter account for an autograph signing schedule closer to the date. 

     If you like free goodies, make sure to stop by the booth to participate in member draws. There will also be incentives for new members and existing members who renew at the show. With the holidays just around the corner, the OEF will also be selling the premium leather OEF branded belts made by Freedman Harness of Toronto. A stylish, and quality, accessory, these belts make the perfect gift for any horse lover. 

     You can also browse through the JustRewards catalogue, which offers sports, vacation and experiential packages exclusively to OEF members. Simply pick the "what," "where" and "when" for each certificate and they'll send you your certificate. Because they are fully transferable, they make great gifts for trainers, coaches, veterinarians, farriers and anyone else who has gone the extra mile for you this year! 

     The OEF booth will also be the place to learn more about the MAAAX Equine Feed long-fiber forage cubes, a new product available exclusively to OEF members. For each bag sold, $1 is donated to OEF programming. Stop by to find out more about this Ontario-grown and processed forage cube and take home a free sample. 

     The OEF is also pleased to announce that it will once again be working with the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and the Spirit of the Horse exhibit as part of the President's Choice Animal Theatre. 


OEF Logo 1     The President's Choice Animal Theatre is located in Hall D of the Direct Energy Centre at the opposite end of where the Spirit of the Horse exhibit used to be, prior to 2013. It boasts ample stadium seating for up to 2,500 spectators and has a large, fenced ring for demonstrations. Stalls will be situated in the corner, just outside of the theatre. 

     For further details, visit www.horse.on.ca and follow the OEF on Facebook (facebook.com/OEF.Horse) and Twitter (twitter.com/OEF_Horse). At the show, you will find the OEF in Hall A next to System Fencing. Stop by and say hi!



Dressage Niagara AGM 

and Awards Banquet



The Dressage Niagara AGM and Awards Banquer begins at 4 pm on Sunday, October 26. They will be reviewing the year and celebrating their winners!  The location is The Urban Steakhouse, 200 Highway 20 East in Fonthill. Election of Directors will be held if required. 

If you would like to become involved with the Club or volunteer for the 2015 Board, please contact Vice President Darlene Mergl-Moore: babyhorse41@hotmail.com . For more information about Dressage Niagara please visit the website .




Horse Training: Evading the Bit - Why A Stronger Bit Isn't the Answer 

By Anne Gage 


 Seen on Facebook: "Anybody know of a good bit to use on a horse that runs through commands and fights the bit? I need to try a new bit because the horse I'm riding has a hard mouth." 

     When your horse runs through or fights the bit, it's called evasion. Common bit evasions include: 

* Chomping, opening or crossing his mouth 

* Running away 

* Leaning on the bit 

* Shaking, throwing or tossing his head 

* Going behind the bit (nose to his chest.) 

* Going above the bit (nose straight up) 

* Tongue hanging out 

      Unfortunately, moving up to a stronger bit or adding a gadget (eg. draw reins) is a common solution. While it may work in the short term, it doesn't address the real source of the problem. 

     If you want to eliminate the problem and build a better, more trusting and willing partnership with your horse read on. 

     Following are 3 causes of bit evasions and how to correct them. 

Cause #1 - Dental Problems & Poor Bit Fit 

     Horses run from pain. Sharp teeth, ulcers inside his mouth or an injury to his tongue will be aggravated by the bit - even in gentle hands. 

The Correction - Have your vet or equine dentist check for sharp or broken teeth, ulcers and even damage to his tongue. Just like you, your horse should have his teeth checked by a professional at least annually and in some cases every 6 months. 

Cause #2 - Poor Bit Fit 

     If the bit is too wide or sits too low in the mouth, it will move around too much. If it's too narrow or sits too high, it will pinch and damage the skin and bars in the mouth. Bits also cause pain if they are too fat, too thin or don't leave enough room for the tongue or push up into the palate. 

The Correction - Check the size of the bit and how it fits the shape of your horse's mouth. It should not stick out on either side of the mouth or pinch the corners of his lips. It should be about ¼" wider than the measurement from lip to lip (corner to corner). Find the style of bit that works with the shape and size of your horse's mouth having enough room for the tongue, not pressing on the palate and fitting easily between the bars. 

     When fitted correctly, the bit sits quietly across the bars without pulling up the lips or moving up and down. Remember "a wrinkle not a smile". For most horses, this means at least one but no more than two wrinkles in the corners of the lips However, for some horses there may be no wrinkle at all. Adjust as necessary to ensure the bit fits comfortably without sliding up and down loosely. 

Cause #3 - Busy or Unsteady Hands 

     Hands that are busy, unsteady, tense, see-saw, pull or constantly bump the horse's mouth cause pain and discomfort. They are also the sign of a tense and unbalanced rider. 

The Correction - Develop an independent seat. You should never use the reins for support, balance or the primary means for controlling your horse. Your hands must work independently from your seat so that you can influence your horse without creating tension or resistance. You will be balanced, able to follow and work with your horses movement - applying your aids at the right time, with the least amount of pressure and without tension. 

     For your horse to be able to perform at his best and be a confident, trusting and willing partner, he needs to be pain free, balanced and relaxed. You can help him develop this way of going by being a quiet, balanced and relaxed rider. 


Written by Anne Gage, Confident Horsemanship (www.annegage.com). Anne Gage ~ Confident Horsemanship - Putting you and your horse in good hands.




Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club News


General Meeting

 Sunday November 2, 2014 1:00pm

This will be our election meeting for the 2015 board of directors and our members chance to bring your concerns to the board This meeting will be held at the the community hall in Sherkston - 4893 Sherkston Rd, Sherkston, ON L0S 1R0


Join The Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club and 

Port Colborn Saddle Club as we award our year end awards at the annual banquet. 

It will be held on Saturday, November 15 at 5:00pm

Arpad Hall, 10215 Montrose Road Niagara Falls

Doors open at 5pm. Dinner at 6pm. Adults are $25.00 and Children 12 years and under are $12.50


2015 Show Dates  

May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, August 30. Raindate September 13


If anyone has any pictures they would like to share please email then to ambergilbert80@gmail.com as we would like to put more pictures up on the website.


For more information contact Amber Gilbert, 905-892-0006 or email ambergilbert80@gmail.com


Banquet will be held on November 15th, 2014. Visit the website for more information.



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For more information contact us at 1-877-743-3715 

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Second Start Thoroughbreds


Horse Of The Week!



Hollywood Corner stands 15.3 with a solid build.  She is sane and vice free.  Holly currently has a sore knee.  It has been vetted and there is no fracture or chips.  Some downtime should be all she needs.  She is a well behaved girl.  Holly has a nice personality and likes to work.  She should make a lovely pleasure mount after some time off.

Free to an approved home


info@secondstartthoroughbreds.org or we can be contacted by phone at 

519-688-0722. View more horses at  www.secondstartthoroughbreds.org 



Coming Events

Send us all your coming events for 2015 


Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club

Banquet will be held in November 2014.  

2015 Show Dates  

May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, August 30 

Raindate September 13

Visit the website for more information


It's free to list them on our website and in the Equine Niagara News digital edition.

Contact us at barry@therider.com


Please ensure that all your dates are accurate. ENN does it's best to confirm dates but is not responsible for erroneous information uploaded by our members.


Our next ENN deadline is October 31st!



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