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ISSN 1923 8177                                                         December 13, 2014

In This Issue

·         From the Editor

·         Our Advertisers

·         UCEA News

·         All Equine Show

·         Book Review

·         Anne Gage Column

·         Second Start TBs

·         Coming Events


From the Editor

Merry Christmas!

It is only 11 days until Christmas. Our next issue is not out until after the big day so we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

The Upper Canada Equestrian Association had their AGM this past week. The new president is Equine Niagara News founder Debi Katsmar. We wish Debi all the best in her new position and look forward to working with her.


Anne Gage's column this issue is titled "Confident Rider Tip: Breathe"


The All Equine Show will be returning to London, Ontario at the end of March. Find out more about the third edition of this show below.


We have a couple of books reviewed this issue. Check out Glenda Fordham's review of Brample and Maggie.


If you have any stories you would like in the next issue of ENN or know someone deserving of a feature story please let us know. Send us your 2015 event dates!


Our next deadline is December 26th. Please send us any articles or story ideas you have and any information you have for the calendar of events. 


The ENN email address is


Barry Finn

 ENN Editor


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The Rider/Equine Niagara News. All rights reserved. No portion of this newsletter can be reproduced without our prior written permission, however please feel free to forward it to your equine friends. While we do try to stay on top of events and their changes, please check with the organization or their website to verify information. ENN is not always notified of changes.   




































































































































































Upper Canada Equestrian Association Seeking Members Join to Give Horse Owners A Strong Voice in Niagara 


The Upper Canada Equestrian Association (UCEA) is seeking new members to give life to the equestrian organization. After this week's AGM, a new Board of Directors is looking forward to fresh approach and rejuvenation of the club (see below for new board members). The UCEA has been facing reduced members and a lack of able bodies to carry-out the mandate of the club which is:    

1) To establish safe horseback-riding trails throughout the Niagara Peninsula. 

2) To develop, expand, improve and preserve existing public trails. 

3) To promote the proper and responsible use of public trails. 

4) To give trail riders a safe place to ride in harmony with other users. 

5) To call the attention of local, regional and provincial governments to the need for the preservation, improvement and expansion of public trails. 

6) To do all such acts that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects with the philosophy that public recreational trails should be multi-purpose with equestrian privileges. With the pressure of population expansion, there is an increasing need for inexpensive recreational outlets in the peninsula, therefore, it is important to preserve public lands which can provide trails for future generations while the land is still publicly owned.

     The UCEA is much more than a trailriding organization and welcomes all equestrians regardless of discipline. The horse industry has been facing major issues over the past few years. Together as a strong membership of equestrian we can have a voice in the region. If there is an issue with trails or horses throughout the Region, it is the Upper Canada Equestrian Association called by authorities, journalists and municipal committees. The Upper Canada Equestrian Association requests you as a horse owner consider joining our organization for a stronger voice in the Region.    

     Membership is $20/year single, or $30 per year family. Applications are available at www.uppercanadaequestrian.com

     For further information or questions contact: Debi Katsmar, President 905-321-5097, email: president@uppercanadaequestrian.com    

UCEA Board of Directors 2015-2016 

Debi Katsmar, President 

Jenn Maidens-Downie, Vice-President 

Mark Dobrindt, Past-President 

Lisa Wood, Treasurer 

Robin Brock, Secretary 

John McMahon, Ride Director 

Heidi Metz, Ride Director 

Russ Vamplew, Ride Director    

Upper Canada Logo     Join the Upper Canada Equestrian Association to give a voice to horse-owners throughout Niagara Region.  

     The next meeting is January 14th, 2015 at 7:30 pm. The meeting will be held at Niagara Regional Headquarters on St. Davids Rd., Thorold in room CE103. 



Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club News 

The Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club looks forward to seeing everyone at our next event which is our Annual Tack Swap on May 2, 2015 at the Welland Fair Grounds. Our 2015 show dates are May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, August 30 and our rain date September 13. 

 Story by Amber Wiley Gilbert

For more information contact Amber Gilbert, 905-892-0006 or email ambergilbert80@gmail.com  


Visit the website for more information.




All Equine is Strong as a Horse Going into Third Year

London, Ontario - All Equine - Ontario's Premier Equine Show launches its third and strongest year yet. From March 27-29, 2015, in the newly renovated Agriplex, at Western Fair District check-out one of the Top Equestrian Experts in the Country, Annual Trainers Challenge, Extreme Cowboy Competition, Dressage, Western and Racing Clinics, as well as preferred clinics, demonstrations and multiple show rings. It's a three-day equine adventure that horse enthusiasts are marking on their calendars as a must-see event. 

Al Dunning

World Champion - Al Dunning (First time in Ontario!) 

Al Dunning has owned and operated Almosta Ranch in Scotsdale, Arizona for 40 years. His expertise in all facets of equestrian events has elevated him to great success. Al and his students have won 40 World and Reserve World Titles in AQHA, NRHA, NRCHA and NCHA.
     In addition, Al has authored articles and books, conducts clinics worldwide, manages AD Tack, operates Dunning Consulting LLC, and has recently developed Team AD International, an online training program. He was also the recipient of the 1996 AQHA Professional Horsemen of the Year and was chosen NCHA Zane Schulte Trainer of the Year. Over the years he has developed his multi-faceted business with a focus on the development of champion horse and riders. Visitors to the show can look forward to daily clinics with Al in the Agriplex Arena. 

Eastern Ontario's Annual Trainer's Challenge 

     3 Days, 3 Trainers, 3 Horses, 3 Judges...one champion. A unique opportunity to see three of Canada's top trainers from three different provinces compete for the title, while putting their proven skills to work, training an un-broke, horse. A fan favourite! 

Extreme Cowboy Competition 

     A celebration of horsemanship and competitive speed, Extreme Cowboy Racing is the "fastest growing equine sport" in North America. Watch as competitors and their horses take to a challenging course of ranch and trail-type obstacles while being judged on their command of each element, their overall horsemanship and extreme speed around the Agriplex!

     New to the show this year: Dressage demonstrations, with Cecile von Martels a National Dressage Competitor. Cecile has been competing at an international level since 2000. She currently competes with her own mare, Brevera, in level four, national competitions. She will move to Wellington Florida this winter to compete at the FEI Prix St. Georges level, currently training under international rider, Chris von Martels, and he is training Sjef Janssen and Anky van Grunsven. 


     Educational clinics will be led by top equine professionals and will include topics such as: * Dressage, Western, and Racing * Healthcare Clinicians * Lots of Demonstrations in Multiple Show Rings * Discipline, Diversity in seminars, clinics and shopping! * Free, Accessible Parking with over 4000 parking spots. * And much more. 

Show Information Dates & Times: Friday, March 27: 2pm - 8pm Saturday, March 28: 10am - 8pm Sunday, March 29: 10am - 5pm 

Location: Western Fair District: Agriplex, 865 Florence St, London, Ontario 

Tickets: $12 in advance, $15 at the door or $25 three-day pass. Children 10 & under are free 

Parking: FREE Social Info: Twitter hashtag #AllEquine Exhibit and Sponsorship Information ... 

     Contact Voytek Michalczyk sales@westernfairdistrict.com now to reserve your space and/or seminar time! All Equine: Ontario's Premier Equine Show at Western Fair District runs Friday March 27-29, 2015 For more information visit: http://www.westernfairdistrict.com/events/attend/2015_AllEquine





The Rider Recommends: Start Your Kids' Library Off With These Two Early Reader Horse Adventures 

     Here are two great little books for the young set: if you have kids who are as horse-mad as I was, these two "Bramble and Maggie" books make for fun easy reading, both containing lessons and morals to be learned, and beautifully illustrated with colourful pictures. They are ideal bedtime stories for parents to read along with their pint-sized pony lovers. 


Bramble And Maggie: Horse Meets Girl 

     Written by Jessie Haas Illustrated by Alison Friend Candlewick Press Price: $17.00 Hardback, 56 pages Suitable for readers aged 5 yrs - 8 yrs Maggie wants a pony to ride and take care of, and in order to prepare for the new four-legged arrival she's been reading a big book on horse care. Meanwhile, Bramble is bored with giving riding lessons and walking in circles; she's looking for just the right person to take her away from her boring routine. Maggie loves Bramble as soon as she sees her, but there are some things Bramble has to be sure of. Will Maggie let Bramble venture into new places? Will she protect Bramble from strange objects in the yard? Will she give Bramble her undivided attention? This charming and funny early reader is an ideal match for young animal lovers and anyone who has ever longed for a friend who truly understands. Enjoy a spirited ride as Bramble - a horse with interesting "little ways"- and her devoted girl, Maggie, start their journey to trust and friendship. Vermont resident Jessie Haas has written more than twenty-five books, most of them about horses. She says, "I wrote Bramble and Maggie while getting to know my new horse, Robin. Like Bramble, she has her little ways, but we are now good friends, but she thinks I still have a lot to learn!" 


Bramble And Maggie: Give And Take 

     Written by Jessie Haas Illustrated by Alison Friend Candlewick Press Price: $17.00 Hardback, 56 pages Suitable for readers aged 5 yrs - 8 yrs Maggie and her mischievous horse, Bramble, from "Horse Meets Girl" are back for another spirited romp through the ins and outs of friendship. Maggie loves introducing her new horse, Bramble, to the neighborhood, the beach, and the backyard. Bramble has fun too, once she is cajoled into participating with a well-timed carrot or two. But when Maggie has to go to school, Bramble is bored and lonely and gets into some trouble with next door neighbour, Mr. Dingle. A misbehaving hen and a midnight visitor finally help to turn Bramble into a good neighbor. This charming and funny early reader flows at just the right pace for kids who are learning that others don't always do exactly what you want, but that friends find a way to give and take. Author Jessie Haas says, "Animals tell us what they need and expect. My horse, Robin, expects good food on time, and she expects me to keep life interesting. She sure keeps life interesting for me!" Both books are available from www.candlewickpress.com or www.Amazon.com 


Reviews by Glenda Fordham



Confident Rider Tip: Breathe


By Anne Gage of Confident Horsemanship 


The following post is an excerpt from my book 'Confident Rider Confident Horse': "Breathe with Calm Focused Breath 

     I teach this technique to all of my students - and I use it myself. When you're stressed, anxious, or fearful, you breathe with short, shallow breaths, without any rhythm, and often even hold your breath. This keeps those stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) going through your body. This is what makes you feel nauseous, shake and sweat. Your heart pounds and your body tenses. Your head aches. You go "fetal" - tipping forward in the saddle. None of these symptoms of stress are fun - for you or for your horse. Horses are incrediblyTip 1 Breath sensitive to the body language and energy of the people around them. They even mirror your breathing. This is why your stress and tension can affect how your horse feels. As soon as you recognize the first symptom of fear, changing your breathing is the fastest way to help you to feel more calm and confident. 

     Try this breathing exercise: 

* Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground, your back straight and your chest open. Let your hands rest gently on your lap. 

* Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth 

* Put one hand on your belly (at your navel) and the other hand on your chest 

* Focus on your breath * Count to 5 slowly as you inhale and feel your belly expand and then your chest lift slightly 

* Hold your breath for a count of 3 

* Exhale slowly for a count of 5. Feel your chest drop and your belly deflate moving back towards your spine. 

* Your heart may pump a bit more to start with as it adjusts to the new way you are breathing. It will soon pass and you will feel more calm and relaxed. 

* Repeat several more times - inhaling for a count of 5, holding for 3, exhaling for a count of 5 - feeling the movement your belly out as in inhale and in as you exhale. 

* Practice this new way of breathing as often as you can throughout your day. Anytime you feel stressed or anxious, take a few slow, CALM FOCUSED BREATHS and notice how quickly you calm down. 

* The more you practice, the more natural it will feel. 

     This way of breathing allows your mind to slow down and relax. When you are in a relaxed state you're better able to see things as they really are because you're not experiencing the cluttered thinking caused by your emotions. With practice, you'll be able to calm your mind using your calm focused breathing exercise any time. This practice allows you to respond to stressful events with a level head, and you'll find that your emotions are less in control of you. The next time you feel anxiety or fear creeping into your mind, remember that you have a choice. You can react from your emotions and complicate the situation or you can respond in a way that encourages you and your horse to feel more calm and confident. With calm focused breathing, and the relaxation it brings, you're always only a few short minutes away from the stress relief you crave. Instead of reacting negatively when you feel anxious or afraid, you'll look for solutions and feel more confident. The choice is always yours. In the meantime, take a few minutes today to practice your calm focused breath, clear your mind of its worries, and relax. Do the same tomorrow and the next day. Like physical exercise, the benefits of this breathing exercise are accumulative. The more you practice, the more benefits you'll receive and the better you'll become at staying calm and building your confidence." 

     Adjusting your breathing can also help improve your performance - even when you aren't feeling nervous. The authors of the book, Perfect Breathing: Transform Your Life One Breath at a Time, interviewed people who push their bodies to the limits - professional athletes, dancers, fighter pilots, archers, astronauts, etc. All of them use breathing techniques to focus their minds, keep their emotions under control and to get every ounce of performance from their bodies.


Want more tips on Winning the Mental Game?  Click here to get your free instant access to the replay of the online video training "3 Actions You Can Take Now to Build Your Confidence with Horses & Riding"!


There are lots more practical and in depth tips on improving your Confidence and your Partnership with your horse in my book "Confident Rider, Confident Horse: Build Your Confidence While Improving Your Partnership with Your Horse from the Ground to the Saddle". Click here to order your copy today! 


For more information about Anne, visit www.confidenthorsemanship.com/



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Second Start Thoroughbreds


Horse Of The Week!



Romantic Bull stands 16 hands with a nice build.  He is sound and sane.  Bully has been a breeding stallion, but he is well behaved and easy to handle.  He has a wonderful personality and is more puppy than stallion.  Bully is a nice mover.  We realize that Bully is older, but he is a sweet guy who is looking for a loving home.  He is many years out of saddle, so would need a refresher.
Free to an approved home.


info@secondstartthoroughbreds.org or we can be contacted by phone at 

519-688-0722. View more horses at  www.secondstartthoroughbreds.org 



Coming Events

Send us all your coming events for 2015 


Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club -  

2015 Show Dates  

May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, August 30 

Raindate September 13

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It's free to list them on our website and in the Equine Niagara News digital edition.

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