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ISSN 1923 8177                                                         July 27, 2014

In This Issue

·         From the Editor

·         Our Advertisers

·         Port Colborne 40th

·         Equine Canada News

·         New OEF Benefits

·         Anne Gage Column

·         UCEA News

·         NTC Meetings

·         Whispering Hearts

·         Bertie Willoughby SC

·         Second Start TBs

·         Coming Events


From the Editor

Hope you had a great July!


Do you have an event coming up this summer? Please send us your events. Send us additional information and we can promote your show. Want even more exposure? We have very reasonable advertising rates. Ask us how we can promote your event!


The Port Colborne Saddle Club is celebrating its 40th Anniversary. Congratulations to them.


Equine Canada has issued a news release on using compounded drugs with caution.


The Ontario Equestrian Federation has new membership benefits to offer. Read the story below to see what's new!


Anne Gage's column this issue is Managing What Ifs.


If you have any stories you would like in the next issue of ENN or know someone deserving of a feature story please let us know. Send us your 2014 event dates as well!


Our next deadline is August 8th. Please send us any articles or story ideas you have and any information you have for the calendar of events. 

The ENN email address is


Barry Finn

 ENN Editor


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Port Colborne Saddle Club 

marks 40 years

Tradition continues at Humberstone Centennial Park


Port Colborne Leader

By Scott Rosts


PORT COLBORNE - It's been a tumultuous year, but the Port Colborne Saddle Club is proud to mark 40 years in the community.

        The club celebrated the milestone anniversary July 13 at Humberstone    

     Centennial Park. While its first show of the year was rained out in the afternoon, there was enough time to get in several classes, not to mention celebrate with some cake and a presentation from Port Colborne Mayor Vance Badeway.

     "We are proud to have the Port Colborne Saddle Club in our community," Badeway said prior to his formal presentation. "For 40 years they have provided a unique opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy."

     The 2014 show season was nearly lost, however. In January there was doubt whether there would even be a 40th anniversary. A dedicated group of volunteers, however, pushed forward and are aiming at making the milestone year one of the best yet.


Read more on Niagara This Week!




Compounded Drugs - 

Use with Caution 

     In order to avoid positive tests, the Equine Canada Equine Medication Control Committee (EMCC) would like to remind all competitors, owners, grooms, trainers, etc. that compounded medications should be used with caution and only under the proper guidance and prescription of your veterinarian. The EMCC currently is reviewing a number of positive tests, which may be related to the administration of compounded drugs, although no disciplinary rulings have been determined at this time. 

     Compounded drugs are products that are specially formulated by a pharmacy or veterinarian because they are not available as a licensed product, they may contain different concentrations or composition compared to a licensed product, or they may be less expensive. Their use must take into account the concentration of the active ingredient, route of administration, safety and the possibility of contamination. 

     When Health Canada approves a veterinary drug, the product must meet standards of efficacy, safety, composition and stability. The expiry date on an approved drug product is determined by the stability data. The same level of control for compounded drugs does not exist. There have been instances where compounded drugs have had greater concentrations of the active ingredient than what was stated on the label or have had additional ingredients not stated on the label. In some cases, this has led to serious health consequences in treated horses. Link

     Even if higher than labeled concentrations do not have adverse health effects, they could cause your horse to have a positive test result by exceeding the allowed limit for a permitted medication or prolonging the detection time of a prohibited substance beyond the guidelines. Positive test results in such cases remain the responsibility of the Person Responsible for the horse or pony. 

     The following link includes an article by the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency. 

     If there is any doubt about a medication or product, do not use it. If you use a compounded product you do so at your own risk. If you have any questions on the ingredients or clearance times of any product consult your veterinarian or EC, equinemeds@equinecanada.ca.


Contact locally for tickets: 
Brenda Robson



New Benefits for OEF Members 

  With new discounts and exclusive offers recently added to the list of member benefits, there are now even more great reasons to be a member of the Ontario Equestrian Federation. 


Health & Dental Program on the way 

     This fall, the OEF will launch a new health and dental program, in association with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, which will offer affordable insurance protection for members, their family and their employees. 

     Through this new benefits program, OEF members are eligible for a wide range of flexible benefit programs to provide health and dental insurance plans to protect members, their families and their employees if they own a business. Health and dental plans are provided through a partnership with CBA, a firm with more than 25 years of plan consulting expertise. OEF member plans include: 

* Semi-private hospital and prescription drug coverage 

* Chiropractic/massage/naturopath 

* Long-term disability (optional) 

* Vision care 

* Dental 

* Travel 

     The plan will be available to OEF members on Oct. 1, 2014. For more information, or to apply for coverage, please contact Yvonne Hay, CBA Member Services, at 1-800-463-2555 or memberservices@corpben.com 


Forage cubes offered at special price for OEF members 

     OEF members can now feed their horses premium forage at an affordable price while also supporting OEF programming, thanks to an exclusive offer by MAAAX Equine Feed. 

     Grown and produced in Ontario, MAAAX™ Equine Feed products provide consistent quality nutrition all year long. These forage cubes are virtually dust free, contain up to 50% more digestible energy than even the best quality hay and come with a guaranteed analysis of nutrient composition so you know what you're feeding. 

     MAAAX Equine Feed is offered exclusively to OEF members who can purchase alfalfa cubes or alfalfa-timothy cubes for $618.75 per skid of 45 bags ($13.75/bag) - a savings of $2 per bag based on the suggested retail price. HST is waived on all orders and a portion of the proceeds from each sale will support OEF programming. 

     For more information, place an order, or to request a free sample, visit www.maaaxequinefeed.com


JustRewards™ adds new sports, travel and experiential packages 

     There are exciting new additions to the JustRewards™ sports, travel and experiential packages for OEF members to choose from in the new 2014-2015 catalogue. 

     Through this program available exclusively to OEF members, you can book unique trips to upcoming equestrian events such as the National Finals Rodeo and the Calgary Stampede. Over 50 pages of experiences have been added to the new catalogue, including many unique vacations to destinations such as Australia, India Thailand, Beijing, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt and many other customized adventures. 

     The OEF has partnered with Strategic Incentive Solutions to offer members access to exciting sporting events, as well as memorable vacation getaways. Enroll in the OEF JustRewards™ program and select the package you wish to purchase from the online catalogue. It's that easy! Strategic Incentive Solutions will then send you your certificate to redeem. 

OEF Logo 1      JustRewards™ packages are fully transferable and therefore, they also make great gifts, saddle club awards, golf prizes, charity donations, employee awards, consumer sweepstakes, wedding presents, shower gifts and more! There is something for everyone and a portion of the proceeds from each sale supports OEF programming. For more information about JustRewards™, or to view the catalogue, visit www.horse.on.ca/membership/membership-benefits/justrewards



Confident Rider Tips - Managing What Ifs 


By Anne Gage

     If you suffer with 'show nerves' or are generally nervous (even fearful) about riding, you may have been told by your friends, your coach, or even said to yourself - "It's just in your head". 

     Fear does exist in our brains. It is perfectly natural and normal. It's meant to keep you safe by preventing you from doing things that could be harmful - emotionally as well as physically. But when fears takes away the joy of riding then it's no longer serving you. 

     The good news is that you can take control and manage that fear - whether it's a mild feeling of stress, a stronger anxiety or an out right shaking in your boots fear. 

Change your thoughts and you change how you feel. 

     Simple advice. But most people struggle with it. Do you want to bring the joy back to riding? Then follow these 3 steps. 

Step #1 - Pay attention to what you think and say. You think approximately 50,000 thoughts every day! And you're unaware of most of them. Pay attention and notice how often you use dis-empowering, negative phrases and the emotions that come with them. Do you recognize any of these phrases? 

"I don't know what to do!" 

"I'm stuck." 

"This won't work." 

"This is too much for me." 

"I'll never get this." 

Step #2 - Write down your thoughts. Keep a journal to record your negative thoughts. Record them as accurately as possible, Note what you were doing and the emotions you were feeling. What came first, the thought or the feeling? 

Step #3 - Flip negative thoughts on their heads. Re-write negative thoughts into empowering phrases that build your confidence. Changing a negative to a positive statement or question gives your sub-conscious mind a problem to solve. It loves solving problems and it will go to work figuring out an answer. You'll move forward. It will work. You will be able to handle it. And you will get it. 

     Here are 5 more examples of confidence-breaking phrases and their confidence building alternatives: 

     "I'm afraid my horse will spook" becomes "I admit that I have a fear my horse will spook. What help can I get to work through this?" 

     "I hope I don't fall apart in the show" becomes "I have prepared myself and my horse well for this show. We will do our best." 

     "I can't do what my coach wants me to do" becomes "There's something I'm not getting yet. I can ask for more help and I can practice more. I know I will get it eventually." 

     "I'll never get these transitions right" becomes "We've only been working on these movements for a short time. It takes time to get them consistently." 

     "I can't afford riding lessons or training" becomes "This is something that's really important to me. I need xx dollars. I just need to figure out a way to make that extra money." 

     Taking these 3 steps may seem difficult at first. But the more often you do it, the more natural it becomes. Practice changing your thoughts to evoke positive emotions and your confidence will grow. 

"Fear is that little dark room where negatives are developed." ~ Michael Pritchard 

The Bottom Line - The absolute best way to develop a true partnership with your horse is by building your confidence and trust in each other. 

     You can get your Free Instant Access to my report "The 3 Most Important Skills You Need to Develop Confidence With Horses" when you visit http://www.AnneGage.com

     Brought to you by Anne Gage of Confident Horsemanship ~ Putting you and your horse in good hands. http://www.annegage.com Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anne_Gage



Upper Canada Equestrian Association News


Upper Canada Logo  

2014 Rides

August 23rd 24th - Club Ride - tentatively at Drew's old place with overnight. Time? 

August 3rd - 9th - Otter Creek 

September 28th - Canal ride tentative 11am. 

September 12, 13, 14 - Welland Fair. 

October 19th - Colour ride in Shorthills 11am. 

November 9th - French Fry ride - we will play it by ear based on weather 


Emergency Horse Search Team for those times when your best friend goes missing:

The Upper Canada Equestrian Association is always seeking new members to help keep our equestrian community strong and their voice heard. Visit www.uppercanadaequestrian.com for membership details. All are welcome. 


You can also post on the UCEA Facebook wall





Niagara Trails Committee News


For the next Niagara Trails Committee Meeting email quad-niagara@hotmail.com . Meetings are held at Birdie and Clinton Insurance 1789 Merritville Highway at 7pm. 

Niagara Trails Committee  

For more information contact:

President of Quad Niagara ATV Club

Tracy-lynn Bell





Montana's Cookhouse supports Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue


Montana's Cookhouse is supporting Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue. When you go there on July 30th for dinner 10% of your bill will be donated directly to the rescue. For more information on WHHR please visit their website or check out their Facebook Page!




Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club News


We are all set for the Youth Team Tournament l! Here is a list of our Youth who will be representing us August 2nd and 3rd at the Ontario Saddle Club Youth Team Tournament 


Tyler Gilbert * Breeann Wiley * Fionna Wiley * Jenna Mergl * Cheyenne Norsworthy * Jessica Cieri * Josh Vendenbosch * Molly Sheehan * Kennedy Horbach * Taylor Lawrie * Hannah Holmwood * Shannon Mossey * Sabrina Barnes * Samantha Turmel * Kailey Gibson * Sarah Gibson * Noa Mudrik * Nathan Bock * Hailey Lloyd * Maria McCracken * Ronni Konig 


Please join me in Wishing the team good luck


If anyone has any pictures they would like to share please email then to ambergilbert80@gmail.com as we would like to put more pictures up on the website.


For more information contact Amber Gilbert, 905-892-0006 or email ambergilbert80@gmail.com


2014 Show Dates are all to be held at the Welland Fairgrounds, 1100 Niagara Street Welland (Please Use South gate, off Quaker Rd). Shows to start at 9:30am

August 17 

Raindate Only August 31

Banquet will be held in November 2014 

Visit the website for more information.



Advertise Your Business in the new



For more information contact us at 1-877-743-3715 

 or email barry@therider.com



Second Start Thoroughbreds


Horse Of The Week!



Rose Dreams stands 15.3 hands with a nice build. She is sound, sane and vice free. Rose is friendly and easy to work around. She has a great work ethic. Rose is well behaved with a rider.  She is a nice mover. Rose will make a wonderful hunter prospect.
$500 negotiable to an approved home


info@secondstartthoroughbreds.org or we can be contacted by phone at 

519-688-0722. View more horses at  www.secondstartthoroughbreds.org 



Coming Events

Send us all your coming events for 2014 


Port Colborne Saddle Club

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Start time is 9:30 am for shows. 

Visit the website at http://www.pcscinc.bravesites.com and the club can also be found on Facebook.


Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club

Show Dates  all to be held at the Welland Fairgrounds 1100 Niagara Street Welland Please Use South gate, off Quaker Rd). Shows to start at 9:30am

August 17 

Raindate Only August 31

Banquet will be held in November 2014

Visit the website for more information


Dunnville Agricultural Society


20th Annual Dunnville Fair!

August 16th & 17th, 2014

Lions Park, 640 Lock St.W., Dunnville, Ontario

Check out the website for more info.



It's free to list them on our website and in the Equine Niagara News digital edition.

Contact us at editor@equineniagaranews.com


Please ensure that all your dates are accurate. ENN does it's best to confirm dates but is not responsible for erroneous information uploaded by our members.


Our next ENN deadline is August 8th!



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Our next deadline is August 25th!

Don't Miss Our September Issue!


The Rider






Contact us at 1-877-743-3715 

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