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Add your horse show with the submission form. It will then go on the calendar of events.

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ISSN 1923 8177                                                         August 10, 2014

In This Issue

·         From the Editor

·         Our Advertisers

·         Fort Erie Race Track

·         A Letter Of Thanks

·         Circle The Course

·         CIEC Coaches

·         Anne Gage Column

·         UCEA News

·         NTC Meetings

·         Bertie Willoughby SC

·         Second Start TBs

·         Coming Events


From the Editor

The Dog Days Of Summer!


Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer, although it really doesn't feel like it.


Do you have an event coming up this fall? Please send us your events. Send us additional information and we can promote your show. Want even more exposure? We have very reasonable advertising rates. Ask us how we can promote your event!


The Fort Erie Race Track has been sold. Read the story from TWC.


Suzy and Vera Walter thank everyone who worked on the Fred Walter Memorial Speed Show.


Circle the Course for Cancer and COPE will take place on August 31st. Read more at right.


Anne Gage's column this issue is the Three Myths of Buying a Young Horse.


If you have any stories you would like in the next issue of ENN or know someone deserving of a feature story please let us know. Send us your 2014 event dates as well!


Our next deadline is August 22nd. Please send us any articles or story ideas you have and any information you have for the calendar of events. 

The ENN email address is


Barry Finn

 ENN Editor


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Paladino Purchases Land That Includes Fort Erie Race Track.


TWC News

FORT ERIE, Ontario -- Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino hinted Friday that he has big plans for the Fort Erie Race Track in Ontario.

Paladino's Ellicott Development and his partners, Castle & Mosey LLC, closed Friday on the 358-acre parcel that includes the track. The historic track was on the market since 2007.

No sale price was listed and Paladino declined to disclose the financial details.

Paladino and his partners are still working on plans for the site, but he said the plan will be in line with other projects already underway in that area


Read more here

Read more on The Buffalo News!




     It takes a lot of people to make a horse show successful. Vera and Suzy Walter would like to thank you all. The list of sponsors for the First Annual Fred Walter Memorial Show was substantial and at the risk of missing someone we will refrain from naming everyone. But let us say that without your support this endeavor never would have come together. 

     There was also an army of volunteers that kept the weekend running smoothly. From tractor drivers, to announcers, to barrel setters, your effort and expertise was greatly appreciated. We would like to mention all the competitors and friends that supported the show and us throughout the weekend. Some of you we haven't seen in years and each smile and shared reminiscence made a very emotional weekend so much more memorable. 

     Most importantly we would like to thank Ron Bell for coming up with the idea and taking it to Amber Gilbert and the Niagara Regional Exhibition Fairboard. What an honour to have the show pen named after Fred. He would have shaken his head at the fuss made over him and quite frankly he probably would have said "You're all nuts!" But he would have quickly followed that up with "Thank You"

Suzy and Vera Walter




Circle The Course For 

Cancer and COPE 

Get ready everyone for the 3rd annual CIRCLE THE COURSE FOR CANCER AND COPE - Sunday, August 31st - The day is going to be jam packed with special events for the whole family including; bouncy castle, pony rides, face painter, farmers market, breakfast club, jockeys foot race, Sandy Hawley and THE PUSS N BOOTS! Walk the course with us after the last race by making a $10.00 donation to Cancer Research or make a non perishable food donation to COPE (our local food bank). Celebrate afterwards at the Tiki Bar with a FREE concert by New Kid in Town!! Read more of Fort Erie Race Tracks Facebook Page


Circle The Course for Cancer & C.O.P.E.

Circle The Course for Cancer & C.O.P.E.




Ontario coaches selected for Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships 

Richmond Hill, ON. - The Ontario Equestrian Federation is pleased to announce it has selected the discipline coaches and chef d'equipe who will lead Ontario's Jumping, Reining and Dressage riders at the Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships, which take place Oct. 3-5, 2014 in Blainville, QC. 

     Named as Team Ontario Dressage coach and chef d'equipe is Krista Pollack of Stouffville, ON. A certified Level 2 English coach, Pollack was the 2008 OEF Coach of the Year and the 2013 Equine Canada Coach of the Year. She has successfully competed and trained her horse to Grand Prix and is currently competing on another horse at the Prix St. George level. 

     Leading the Jumping team will be Rick Bishop of Wellington, ON., a Level 2 English coach who has been coaching Jumper students at both Trillium and A shows for over 20 years. Coached and mentored by the legendary Ian Millar, Bishop is ready to help the Ontario riders soar. 

     Returning as coach of the Reining team is Brenda Robson of Lowbanks, ON. A Level 1 Western Coach who has been coaching since 1992, Robson brings the experience she gained at last year's competition where her riders took home team bronze and individual silver. 

     "We are pleased to welcome these three talented individuals to the team and know they are going to do a great job helping our riders be their best," says Dianne Graham, executive director of the OEF. 

     "We would like to thank everyone who applied to coach our riders at this year's competition. This is a great opportunity for coaches to broaden their horizons and give back to the sport." 

OEF Logo 1      For more information about the Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships, visit www.horse.on.ca Riders who are interested in being considered for the team have until Aug. 18 to submit their applications, which can be found on the OEF website.




3 Myths About Buying A Young Horse

(Why It May Be the Wrong Choice for You!) 


By Anne Gage

     You've been dreaming of owning your own horse and now you're ready to buy one. You would like to get a youngster so you can develop a bond and learn together. Or you want him to have very little or no training so you can start with a 'clean slate'. 

     And, of course, you're dreaming of having an amazing partnership with your horse, aren't you? 


3 Myths 

     Unfortunately, that dream can become a night mare if you buy a horse that is the wrong match for you - particularly if you believe any of the myths commonly believed by first time horse buyers. Here are 3 common myths about buying a young horse that get first time horse owners in trouble and, more importantly, a reality check for each one. 


Myth #1 - A young horse costs less than an older, more experienced one. You may be able to buy a young horse for less money, but any money saved will be spent on training (and then some!) It takes years to train a horse well and no time at all to teach him unwanted and unsafe behaviours. Riding lessons and horse training can cost thousands of dollars. And, there is no guarantee that you'll end up with the equine partner of your dreams. 


Reality Check - Budget to purchase an older horse that already has training and experience doing the type of work you desire. You'll save money in the long run, you'll both be happier, and you'll have a better partnership. 


Myth #2 - You will learn together and develop a stronger bond. There is a well used saying in the horse world that"green on green equals black and blue". You cannot learn to ride or improve your own riding skills while working with a horse with no or very little training. Young horses deserve to have an experienced rider who has the knowledge and riding skill to train them correctly. Riding has inherent risk at all levels. This risk is exponentially increased when an inexperienced rider is on an inexperienced horse. 


Reality Check - Riding is a partnership and one of the partners should know more than the other. Green riders learn more, faster and develop more confidence when partnered with a well-schooled, experienced horse with a patient, forgiving temperament for their first equine partner. 


Myth #3 - An older horse will cost more to maintain. While some older horses may need extra supplements and some TLC to keep their bodies healthy and comfortable, these are generally not expensive (and are certainly less expensive than the cost of training a young horse properly). Unexpected veterinary expenses happen with horses of all ages. Even youngsters get sick and injured through youthful exuberance, inquisitiveness and poor decisions. 


Reality Check - Horses like people are living longer and staying healthier than they used to. Regardless of their age, they all require regular farrier and veterinary care, and proper nutrition appropriate for their stage of life. These regular expenses as well as unexpected veterinary expenses should be included in your horse keeping budget. 

     "Having a horse that can be your teacher, partner and friend - this is a dream come true." 


Bottom Line: The absolute best way to get the horse of your dreams is knowing what to look for and being prepared before you go shopping. 

     You can instantly download more horse buying tips in my ebook '92 Tips You Must Know Before Buying Your First (or Next) Horse'. 

     These tips will guide you through every step of the horse buying journey - how to prepare, where to look, what to look for, making an offer and what to do before bringing your new horse home. 


Brought to you by Anne Gage of Confident Horsemanship - Putting you and your horse in good hands. http://www.AnneGage.com Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anne_Gage



Upper Canada Equestrian Association News


Upper Canada Logo  

2014 Rides

August 23rd 24th - Club Ride - tentatively at Drew's old place with overnight. Time? 

August 3rd - 9th - Otter Creek 

September 28th - Canal ride tentative 11am. 

September 12, 13, 14 - Welland Fair. 

October 19th - Colour ride in Shorthills 11am. 

November 9th - French Fry ride - we will play it by ear based on weather 


Emergency Horse Search Team for those times when your best friend goes missing:

The Upper Canada Equestrian Association is always seeking new members to help keep our equestrian community strong and their voice heard. Visit www.uppercanadaequestrian.com for membership details. All are welcome. 


You can also post on the UCEA Facebook wall





Niagara Trails Committee News


For the next Niagara Trails Committee Meeting email quad-niagara@hotmail.com . Meetings are held at Birdie and Clinton Insurance 1789 Merritville Highway at 7pm. 

Niagara Trails Committee  

For more information contact:

President of Quad Niagara ATV Club

Tracy-lynn Bell








Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club News


If anyone has any pictures they would like to share please email then to ambergilbert80@gmail.com as we would like to put more pictures up on the website.


For more information contact Amber Gilbert, 905-892-0006 or email ambergilbert80@gmail.com


2014 Show Dates are all to be held at the Welland Fairgrounds, 1100 Niagara Street Welland (Please Use South gate, off Quaker Rd). Shows to start at 9:30am

August 17 

Raindate Only August 31

Banquet will be held in November 2014 

Visit the website for more information.



Advertise Your Business in the new



For more information contact us at 1-877-743-3715 

 or email barry@therider.com



Second Start Thoroughbreds


Horse Of The Week!



Arc En Ciel stands 15.3 hands with a solid build.  She is very sane.  Arc had knee surgery and was healed, but since coming back into racing, the knee has flared again.  She requires some stall rest and then she may be sound for light riding.  She is very easy to ride and is a nice mover when sound.  Arc is kind and easy to work with and around.  She is a sweet filly.

Free to an approved rehab home


info@secondstartthoroughbreds.org or we can be contacted by phone at 

519-688-0722. View more horses at  www.secondstartthoroughbreds.org 



Coming Events

Send us all your coming events for 2014 


Port Colborne Saddle Club

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Start time is 9:30 am for shows. 

Visit the website at http://www.pcscinc.bravesites.com and the club can also be found on Facebook.


Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club

Show Dates  all to be held at the Welland Fairgrounds 1100 Niagara Street Welland Please Use South gate, off Quaker Rd). Shows to start at 9:30am

August 17 

Raindate Only August 31

Banquet will be held in November 2014

Visit the website for more information


Dunnville Agricultural Society


20th Annual Dunnville Fair!

August 16th & 17th, 2014

Lions Park, 640 Lock St.W., Dunnville, Ontario

Check out the website for more info.



It's free to list them on our website and in the Equine Niagara News digital edition.

Contact us at editor@equineniagaranews.com


Please ensure that all your dates are accurate. ENN does it's best to confirm dates but is not responsible for erroneous information uploaded by our members.


Our next ENN deadline is August 22nd!



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The Rider


Contact us at 1-877-743-3715 

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