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ISSN 1923 8177                                                         November 16, 2014

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From the Editor

It's Royal Time!

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is almost over. Did you go down for a visit? There was a lot to see and do at this years show.


The Ontario Equestrian Federation handed out their annual awards during their Member Appreciation event on Tuesday, November 11th. Check out the story below.


Anne Gage's column this issue is Are You Expecting Too Much of Yourself or Your Horse?


The Upper Canada Equestrian Federation has put out a call for new members. Read more below!


The Bertie Willoughby and Port Colborne Saddle Clubs held their combined awards night and banquet on Saturday, November 15th. Congratulations to BNR Stables who went home with a lot of awards.


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Belgium's Nicola Philippaerts Takes the Final Class of the International Division at the CSI4*-W Royal Horse Show

Jonathon Millar, McLain Ward and Game Ready finish the week at the top of the standings. 

November 15, 2014 Toronto, ON - The International Division at the CSI4*-W Royal Horse Show ended with a seven-way foot-race Saturday, November 15th, and it was Belgian Nicola Philippaerts who emerged victorious. 

     The initial track of 16 jumping efforts set at 1.60m by course designer Guilherme Jorge of Brazil, was set with a tight time allowed of 79 seconds. The first two riders in the ring (Canada's Ian Millar and Quentin Judge for the United States) both jumped clean, but for one single time fault. 

     Fortunately American Todd Minikus was able to show everyone how to do it, leading a select group of riders to a second round tie breaker. 

     Unfortunately the double-clean proved elusive, for Minikus and nearly everyone else in the jump-off - the angles, wide-open gallop and even a little bad luck worked against many. Although Minikus had the fastest time of the second round, he also pulled a rail in the process. 

     For Philippaerts there was never an option - going third in the order he knew he had to go fast and leave the jumps up if he was to have a shot with Challenge Vd Begijnakker (or Challenge, for short.) 

     "In the World Cup my horse was a bit spooky in the jump off," explained Philippaerts, "But tonight he jumped very well. I knew McLain was still to come, as were Beezie and Darragh - so many quick ones - I knew I would need a bit of luck and for them to have a fault. My horse jumped very well and I'm very happy." 

     Switzerland's Beat Mandli, competing at The Royal for the first time, opted for the conservative clear for ZaZa Harvey in the jump-off, which served them well, slotting into the runner-up position. 

     "ZaZa is quite a young horse at this level, this is basically his second grand prix," related Mandli. "It was a big test for me, there were some big questions, and he's a very careful and very honest horse. This was the biggest class he has jumped and that's why I didn't go fast in the jump-off."

     The remainder of the field although fast, each pulled a rail - in fact all were faster than Mandli but in the end it was the clean round which mattered most. 

     The "Braeburn Farms" Leading International Rider Award went to McLain Ward of Brewster, NY. With grace and wisdom, he admitted he simply made a mistake in the class tonight, taking a "pull" in the jump off, rather than trusting his horse.

Read More! 




Upper Canada Equestrian Association News


Upper Canada Logo Call for New Members

The Upper Canada Equestrian Association (UCEA) is a not-for-profit equestrian association is looking for new members and potential nominees for their board of directors for the next two years.

     First and foremost, the UCEA is seeking new members. There is a need to make the voice of the horse owner heard in Niagara as well as to help implement the quality of the horse trails in the region. The mandate of the organization is: 

1) To establish safe horseback-riding trails throughout the Niagara Peninsula. 

2) To develop, expand, improve and preserve existing public trails. 

3) To promote the proper and responsible use of public trails. 

4) To give trail riders a safe place to ride in harmony with other users. 

5) To call the attention of local, regional and provincial governments to the need for the preservation, improvement and expansion of public trails. 

6) To do all such acts that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects with the philosophy that public recreational trails should be multi-purpose with equestrian privileges. With the pressure of population expansion, there is an increasing need for inexpensive recreational outlets in the peninsula, therefore, it is important to preserve public lands which can provide trails for future generations while the land is still publicly owned. 

     If you are a horse owner, this organization is for you regardless of discipline. The organization currently has approximately 50 members, once over 200 strong, they would like to get back to the strength they once had.

     There are a number of projects that need people to spearhead:

1.  The Nicky Aitken Annual Trail Ride for Breast Cancer - scheduled to take place this month after being rained out in June.

2. The Short Hills Provincial Park needs bridges rebuilt and trails maintained after the severe rains of this year.

3. The Upper Canada Heritage Trail (which the UCEA maintains) is in need of serious repairs to sections of the trail washed away in rains last year.

4. Help in educating the public on horse safety, bringing all disciplines together for one cause and promoting equestrian shows, rides,  and ownership of a horse.

5. Organization of parades throughout the year

     Membership is just $20.00/year. A valid OEF membership (or as of January 1st, a valid Ontario Trail Riders Association membership) is required for riding members to ensure proper liability insurance coverage.

     The UCEA holds meetings on the second Wednesday of each month with the exception of August.  The next meeting is October 8th at 7:30 pm. The meeting takes place at the Niagara Regional Exhibition Fairgrounds in Building B.

If you would like to attend, please contact Mark Dobrindt 905-892-9769 for details.

      Please consider joining this organization. Together,  a strong equestrian voice can be heard in Niagara. www.uppercanadaequestrian.com


The annual general meeting will be held in December. UCEA is now taking nominations for the Board of Directors to be elected in December. 

The Upper Canada Equestrian Association is always seeking new members to help keep our equestrian community strong and their voice heard. Visit www.uppercanadaequestrian.com for membership details. All are welcome. 


You can also post on the UCEA Facebook wall




Equestrians honoured for their contributions to the horse community 

Richmond Hill, ON. - The Ontario Equestrian Federation recognized four equestrians for their contributions to the sport with a special awards ceremony that took place yesterday at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. 

     Hundreds gathered in the Royal Ballroom during an OEF member appreciation event to recognize the recipients of the prestigious OEF Awards, sponsored by BFL CANADA, which are presented annually. 

     "BFL CANADA is pleased and proud to support the Ontario Equestrian Federation in recognizing the generous contributions of its members," says Sara Runnalls, vice president and associate at BFL, the official insurance provider of the OEF. "Congratulations, and thank you, to all the 2014 OEF award recipients. Your involvement and influence in this fantastic industry have had such positive impact." Congratulations to the 2014 recipients: 

Yvonne Collard Award - Rose Cook

     Rose Cook of Port Colborne, ON. is the 2014 recipient of the Yvonne Collard Award, which is awarded to an adult member of the OEF who has made an outstanding contribution of time and effort to Ontario equestrian sport, recreation, industry and/or equine welfare. Cook has made significant contributions to the equine industry in promoting and sharing her knowledge of the Canadian Horse and, more recently, the Newfoundland Pony. Cook devotes her weekends to travelling to various events where she introduces her horses to the public. She spends hours talking with people and sharing the history of the Newfoundland Pony and Canadian Horse. Cook is a champion for the preservation of these breeds, which are an integral part of Canada's history and culture. 


OEF Sponsor of the Year - Barb King 

     The 2014 recipient of the OEF Sponsor of the Year Award is Barb King of Kendal, ON. This award is presented to an individual or corporation making a very special sponsorship gift to support equestrian activity which otherwise might not take place. When a storage shed containing jumps burned down at the Orono Fairgrounds last spring, local riders wondered whether the fair would have to cancel its annual fall horse show. King knew how important the show was, not only for her own riders, but the community, so she set out to replace the destroyed jumps. King rolled up her sleeves and, with the help of devoted volunteers from her barn, began constructing, sanding, repairing and painting jumps. Thanks to their hard work, the show was able to go on. 


OEF Media of the Year - Liz Brown 

     Liz Brown of Toronto, ON. is the 2014 Media of the Year Award recipient. In the March/April 2014 issue of Horse Canada, Brown wrote an in-depth article about Canada's wild horses. She researched the current status of wild horses in four provinces and their relationship with the people in the communities where they roam. Her informative article revealed that Canada's wild horses are precious to some and considered pests by others. Brown's work sheds light on an issue that often goes unnoticed by many Canadians, even those in the equestrian community. The OEF Media of the Year Award is presented to the media outlet or writer/photographer with the best piece about an equestrian activity in the period from September 1 of the previous year to August 31 of the current year. 


MH Lessard Coach of the Year - Margie Gayford 

     The 2014 recipient of the MH Lessard Coach of the Year Award is Margie Gayford of Sharon, ON. Described by her students as a talented rider, exceptional coach and remarkable teacher, Gayford has a knack for making even the most complicated elements of riding easy to understand. She is also incredibly humble and isn't above rolling up her sleeves to do whatever needs to be done around the barn. Gayford's love of teaching is evident in her positive and patient attitude. She understands how to bring out the best in riders with different skills and personalities by tailoring her teaching style to meet their individual needs. Her unwavering commitment to the sport and her students has earned her the title of Coach of the Year. 

     In honour of the late MH Lessard, a respected competitor, coach, judge, official and horse show organizer who passed away earlier this year, the OEF Coach of the Year Award has been renamed the MH Lessard Coach of the Year Award. This award recognizes an Equine Canada certified active coach whose dedication and skill has touched both human and equine athletes. 

     Gayford was presented with a sculpture created by equine artist Ann Clifford in appreciation of, and respect for, MH Lessard, who was a friend of the artist. 

     "Congratulations to our 2014 OEF Award nominees and recipients," says OEF President Allan Ehrlick. "These individuals selflessly contribute so much to the horse community. We are very grateful for all that they do and hope they inspire others to strive to make a difference."



Kool Designs Make Hot Christmas Pressies! 

By Glenda Fordham

Have you been wondering what to buy your horse-mad friends and family members? Sarah Bohan of KOOL Designs has it in the bag...literally!

Sarah designs and sells equestrian inspired totes, fashion purses and accessories that are hand sewn locally using recycled materials which Rider readers will surely recognize. Sarah sources discarded feed bags typically from horse, bird, dog or cat food! Sometimes she also integrates designer fabric samples and swatches from discontinued interior designer books, then adds vintage equestrian leathers as shoulder straps.

"My inspiration for recycling these empty bags," Sarah tells, "was when I reached the bottom of a new

50lb. bag of black oil sunflower seeds. The bag was so beautiful that I didn't want to throw it out. These bags are made from woven plastic that won't biodegrade in my lifetime and using it as a garbage bag (which many people do) wasn't an option as the end result would be the same - it would end up in the landfill. I couldn't just throw it away - I had to do better than that! I enjoy how KOOL Designs' bags have evolved such that it is possible to be environmentally friendly and be stylish."


Read More!




Are You Expecting Too Much of Yourself or Your Horse?

  By Anne Gage


     We all want success and we want it now. We've been taught to "reach for the stars" and set big goals. As a result, sometimes we expect so much of ourselves and our horses that we are rarely happy with our results. 

     If you've ever said (even to yourself), "I should be better than this!" 

     Then you end up feeling like a failure because that "I should be" is really a disguise for that self-defeating old mantra that whispers quietly "I'm not good enough". 


Failure is not a fact 

     But what if you are exactly where you should be - where you need to be. 

    Maybe where you think you should be is simply wishful thinking. Replace the phrase "should be" with "wish I was" ... 

"I wish I was better than this." 

"I wish I was able to ..." 

"I wish I wasn't so ..." 

     What are you basing your opinion that you "should be ..." on? Who are you comparing yourself to? 

     There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to riding. Your results - where you are now - come from not only your physical ability, your competency and your confidence level, but also from your horse's ability, level of training and confidence. 

     There is a reason that successful people (you know the ones at the horse shows that always seem to be in the top 3 placings and get Champion awards in not one but multiple classes) do so well. They put in the hours. If they haven't done it themselves then someone else has put the hours into their horse so they can just sit up there, look pretty and - as long as they stay out of the horse's way - win.
     According to Malcolm Gladwell in his book "Outliers", people who become really good at something - really master it - have spent at least 10000 hours working on that particular thing. Ten Thousand Hours! That's about 3 hours a day for 10 years. So, if you have been riding for 10 years, but only 1 hour a week, you have only put in about 520 hrs (1 hr x 52 wk x 10 yr). That's being generous and assuming you didn't miss a single hour in any year because of illness, injury, vacations, holidays, etc. 

     This is not to say that you need to put 10,000 hours into your riding to become good at it - unless you want to be competitive at the highest levels of the sport. But, it puts into perspective the amount of time needed to develop a particular level of skill. 

     Chances are slim to none that you will progress very far in developing mastery of any skill if you only put in 1 hour of practice a week. Now lots of people enjoy a weekly riding lesson and are quite happy to spend that time in the saddle. They don't want or expect to achieve much more than the connection with the horse. 

     But, if you want to progress in your training - for personal fulfilment or to achieve ribbons, trophies and recognition in the show ring - the once a week hourly ride is not going to get your there. Most people get discouraged when they feel that they aren't making progress at the rate they "should" or that they aren't as good as "her" or "him" or "them". We are certainly masters at comparing ourselves to others. We've all had more than 10000 hours practicing that skill. Even if it doesn't help us. 

     When our expectations are not in line with our reality ie. your other commitments & responsibilities don't allow you to ride 3 -6 hours a week, then you won't be as successful in the show ring as "that other competitor that wins everything". Even if you are a pleasure rider, neither your riding skill nor your horse's training will progress very far or very fast. 

      You can either be frustrated with yourself, your coach and your horse and keep your expectations. Or, you can adjust your expectations to match the reality of your situation. If the reality is that you can only ride once week, then focus on enjoying that one ride. The choice is yours ... should you decide to make it.


     For more practical and in depth tips on improving your Confidence and your Partnership with your horse, order my book "Confident Rider, Confident Horse: Build Your Confidence While Improving Your Partnership with Your Horse from the Ground to the Saddle". Click here to order from Lulu.com.

Visit http://www.confidenthorsemanship.com/




Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club News


2015 Show Dates  

May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, August 30. Raindate September 13



BNR Stables Took home 60 awards November 15th at the Bertie Willoughby and Port Colborne Saddle Club Awards Banquet! "we are so honoured for the whole team to receive the Fred Walters Memorial Youth Sportsman Award! ", they said.

If anyone has any pictures they would like to share please email then to ambergilbert80@gmail.com as we would like to put more pictures up on the website.


For more information contact Amber Gilbert, 905-892-0006 or email ambergilbert80@gmail.com


Visit the website for more information.



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Second Start Thoroughbreds


Horse Of The Week!



Vintage Storm stands 15.3 hands with a nice build.  He is sound, sane and vice free.  Storm is well behaved on the ground and under saddle.  He is a flashy boy!  Storm is a nice mover.  He would make a lovely hunter or dressage mount with retraining.

$500 to an approved home


info@secondstartthoroughbreds.org or we can be contacted by phone at 

519-688-0722. View more horses at  www.secondstartthoroughbreds.org 



Coming Events

Send us all your coming events for 2015 


Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club -  

2015 Show Dates  

May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, August 30 

Raindate September 13

Visit the website for more information


It's free to list them on our website and in the Equine Niagara News digital edition.

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